THE LUMBERJACK started as a song written by Beau Gray and performed by his fiddle rock band, Lexington Field. They originally recorded the song on their 2018 full-length album, Dreamers. When Beau decided to turn his lyrics into a book, he wanted to bring some fresh life into the project and record a new version of the song to accompany the book. Lexington Field headed into Clarity Recordings with Sean Tolley at the helm, over the summer of 2021, and recorded a new fiddle rock version of the song and a brand new acoustic version with an new take on the melody and structure. Something that would go along with a children’s book. Beau’s friend Anna Lee Fleming of the San Diego Celtic folk band, Finnegan Blue, came into the studio and sang beautiful harmony vocals throughout both versions of the song. Not every children’s book has a song, but The Lumberjack will be known for it’s amazing artwork and it’s infectious melody.

Beau Gray – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano
Bryan Hane – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele
Cami Smith – Fiddle
Nick Freeling – Bass
Jonathan Berghouse – Drums
Anna Lee Fleming – Vocals
Sean Tolley – Recording Engineer (Mixing & Mastering), Producer

“The Lumberjack” first appeared on Lexington Field’s full length album, Dreamers, in 2018. It was then re-recorded along with an acoustic version of the song for the release of the book in 2022.